The sexting art festival

At Littlefield 4/5/2017

Come one, come all

The inaugural art festival dedicated to the art and science of modern flirting will commence April 5th, 2017 at Littlefield in Brooklyn, NY. SextingAF will explore modern flirting and sexuality through the lens of technology and the ubiquitous camera-equipped devices which pepper our daily lives.

The festival will be a one-day immersion experience featuring presentation, art, imagery, interaction and social connection, all focused on technology and sexuality.

SextingAF will feature sexting art by you, music by DJ Pony, and entertaining presentations by Thrillist’s GiGi Engle, ByeFelipe’s Alexandra Tweten, NS-FW’s Daniel Saynt, social historian Stuart Ewen, artist Anna Gensler, psychologist Emily Stasko, journalist Jane Mulkerrins, and more. Questions? Hit us up.

Submit to us

We want images, texts, video and audio featuring the best and the worst sexts that you have sent or received. We want any and all examples of modern arousal, flirting, keeping the fire alive and when it goes over the line.

We enforce a strict no shaming policy. If there is a face in your submission, please upload an additional picture (yours or your ‘friend’) which includes your face and the current date as proof of consent to be judged in the festival. You can always take a pic next to

We want to feature as many works of Sexting art in the festival. A selection of these will be awarded ‘Best in Show’ and printed up for showcase and sale at the festival. If they sell, you get half the profits, the rest will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

You can elect out of display at the festival if you are too shy to see your sext exist in the real world.

So let’s do this

Our deepest secrets

SextingAF was born out of many conversations over drinks through recent years. We recognized that Sexting was a topic that kept rearing it’s fuzzy little head in discussions about dating, marriage, app hook-ups, male desperation and the evolving media landscape.

First, we formed a curatorial committee.

Then, we got to work finding some kickass speakers and gathering examples of sexts of all kinds, styles and mediums. We realized there was a void in the social conversation, analysis and the display of a wide spectrum of work put out there and the discussion which generates from these. We are comfortable enough to share ourselves in these provocative ways, we should also celebrate them.

We are all professionals in the media, PR, arts, marketing, and technology industries. The committee includes Sam Travis Ewen, Sean Reckwerdt, Dina Fierro, Heather Park, Jason Kapler, Jane Mulkerrins, Corey Kindberg, Shaun Hudson, Tom Hallaran, Meghan Halligan, Letica Sampedro, Jacob Ford, Jung Lee, Lisa Milgram, Marni Wandner, and Aparna Mukherjee.

Get with us

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017
upon the stroke of 5:00pm
at Littlefield in Brooklyn

Tickets are $30.75

Get behind us

Instagram: @sexting_af

Twitter: also @sexting_af

Or classy ol’

See you soon

Thanks for sending us your everything. We’ll be getting in touch with you soon. Or you can always get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns.